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Auto Glass, Windshield Replacement & Repair in Sacramento

If you're looking for a quality auto glass company to service your vehicle's glass, then you've come to the right place. Import & Domestic Auto Glass specialize in windshield repair and replacement for both the general public and business customers in Sacramento, California (CA), and surrounding areas. We want to be your source for quality windshield repair and replacement services in the Sacramento area.

Windshield Repair

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Broken windshield or car window? Trust Sacramento Auto Glass experts with your windshield repair and replacement needs. We come to you!

Import & Domestic Auto Glass are committed to providing the best quality windshield repair in the Sacramento, CA. Our Windshield Repair specialists will restore between 75% and 95% of the optical clarity back to the damaged area while at the same time restoring the windshields structural integrity back to nearly what it was before the auto glass damage occurred.

Windshield Replacement

Sacramento Auto Glass Experts

While we endeavor to repair as many windshields possible, there are or course instances where a windshield is just too severely damaged and will have to be replaced. And while no one wants to replace their windshield unnecessarily, you can count on our Sacramento-based Windshield Replacement company to get the job done right! All windshields used by Import & Domestic Auto Glass meet stringent US Department of Transportation Standards for crash worthiness. Leaks and wind noise? Not a problem! We guarantee your new windshield installation against leaks and wind noise or we’ll fix it.

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Insurance Approved Windshield Replacement

Import & Domestic Auto Glass are approved by all major auto insurance providers, so there is no charge to you if your car insurance includes auto glass coverage. We simply bill your insurance provider directly, so you get your windshield taken care of with no money out of pocket. If you do not have auto glass coverage, our windshield repair and replacement services are affordably priced and we accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Auto glass repair has never been easier and more user friendly than with us.
Call (916) 344-4468 to get your free auto glass repair quote.

Auto Glass, Windshield Replacement, Windshield Repair

Welcome to Import & Domestic Auto Glass repair, servicing Sacramento, California for more than a decade. Despite many years of experience we are focused on supreme service with integrity, reliability, honesty, and dedication to helping you stay safe. Our commitment to you is that we will help you find the best price and time to work with you at your convenience. You can start this process by filling out our request for quote form or give us a call at (916) 344 - 4468.

Auto Glass Mobile Service warranty
Auto Glass Mobile Service in Sacramento Windshield Rockchip Repair Auto Glass Repair Sacramento

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Rock Chip Repair FREE Windshield [ With insurance]
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FREE Mobile Service

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Unlike many Sacramento windshield repair shops, we offer free mobile services to our customers to either their home or work. This makes it easy and convenient to get your windshield or other glass properly serviced. We want to make getting your glass taken care of as easy as possible for our customers, so you can safely get back on the road.

Auto Glass Sacramento

Auto Glass Repair Sacramento is the leader in automotive glass installation in Sacramento Ca. Our trained technicians use only the highest quality sealants to ensure your satisfaction, and most importantly, your safety. In addition, we save you valuable time by filing your insurance claim for you, at no additional cost! Import Auto Glass Repair is a Sacramento auto glass replacement company with very competitive prices. We will replace your auto glass from almost anywhere in the Sacramento region with free mobile service to your home or office.

Windshield Repair Sacramento

Auto Glass Repair Sacramento is committed to providing only safe, reliable, and quality automotive windshield replacement and repairs. We use only quality Factory approved products to install your automotive glass. Only the best methods and adhesives are used to ensure your safety. Some auto glass installers in Sacramento use cheap, non-factory approved products to replace your windshield. We have the experience and the resources to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for all of your auto glass and claims management needs. Our dedicated, caring staff of professionals will provide you with the finest auto glass service available anywhere in Sacramento. All our employees are trained regularly in customer service and proper business practices. You will find Auto Glass Repair Sacramento employees to be knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful.

Some of the Windshields we regularly replace:

  • Honda Windshield
  • BMW Windshield Replacement
  • Toyota Windshield
  • Ford Windshield Replacement
  • Nissan Windshield
  • Mercedes Windshield Repair
  • Chevrolet Windshield
  • Honda Civic Windshield
  • Toyota Corolla Windshield Repair
  • Toyota Camry Windshield Replacement
  • Ford F150 Windshield Repair
  • Nissan Altima Windshield
  • Honda Accord Windshield Repair
  • Ford Explorer Windshield
  • Jeep Cherokee Windshield Repair
  • Ford Range Windshield
  • Chevrolet Impala Windshield
  • Jeep Wrangler Windshield Replacement
  • Jeep Liberty Windshield Repair
  • Hyundai Elantra Windshield
  • Toyota 4Runner Windshield

Auto Glass North Highlands

Import Auto Glass, located in North Highlands part of Sacramento Ca would like to help you negotiate the often slippery slopes of auto glass repair and windshield replacement, something that can turn ugly and frustrating when the company you contracted with doesn't show up, or leaves a mess when they leave. It happens a lot in our industry because there are no laws protecting the consumer from untrained and unprofessional repair technicians who do sloppy work and ignore you when your new windshield begins to leak.

Our approach is simple, honed over many years of leaving customers happy with our service. All of our auto glass shop technicians attend a sanctioned training school and must pass the safe installation certification test. Too bad the law does not require that, because it allows just anybody to get into this business. Demand credentials from the company that is doing your auto glass repair work. It's that simple.

Auto Gloss Shop Sacramento


Yes, we can repair many windshields that have suffered minor damage from stones kicked up from the roadway. It's a simple process that is fast, effective and affordable.

Sometimes that damage is not repairable, and for that we offer professional installation of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) auto glass, the best quality parts you can get. If we can't repair your windshield, we'll tell you right up front. If we can repair it, we will. That preserves the safety seal around the glass.

Windshield Installation Guarantee

We have a warranty that's written in plain English and is easy to understand. Read it here. Our warranty is built on decades of experience and is fair to both sides. You won't find a better one in the auto glass repair and replacement industry.

We always recommend repair first and only offer replacement when necessary. At Import Auto Glass Repair & Replacement we feel best when you see and accept the value of OEM auto glass. You may have heard the names Guardian, LOF, Carlite, Mopar, PPG, Pilkington, and Libbey Nippon. These are OEM manufacturers. These companies and others like them make the best glass.

Credentials of Quality Workmanship

Import Auto Glass Sacramento has been replacing and repairing windshields in Sacramento for a VERY long time. We have the tools and expertise to repair any type of crack on your windshield. Whether you have stars, chips, or bullseyes, your windshield will look almost as good as new, without even removing the glass. If you opt for a replacement instead of a repair, you can count on us to do it according to regulations. 80% of windshields are installed wrong! We Do It Right!

Common Auto Glass Questions

How long does it take to install auto glass?
The process should take about an hour, and can often be done in half the time. Our Sacramento auto glass installers will come to your home, office or any location in Sacramento to complete the job, leaving you uninterrupted in your normal life. It is recommended that you wait several hours before driving the vehicle so the urethane has time to seal properly. Your auto glass technician can provide you with specifics.

Will my insurance go up if I file an auto glass claim?
A cracked windshield doesn't reflect your driving ability, so why should it have a bearing on your level of risk to the insurance company? Auto glass replacement falls under the comprehensive portion of your insurance rather than the collision category, so you can get a shiny new windshield and your insurance premiums will stay the same.

Consumer Guide to Windshield Repair & Auto Glass Replacement

What a Windshield is Made Of

Windshields are most often made of safety glass that will not easily crumble or fragment into loose pieces on impact—to protect the vehicle's occupants from further damage. Modern windshields are frequently made with two layers of curved glass on either side of a plastic laminate layer. The entire piece is then bound to the car using polyurethane.

Windshield & Auto Glass Repair

Repair is a popular option when the windshield chip or crack damage is not excessive. Many times repair specialists can repair cracks that have spread up to 6 inches long! In fact, many insurance companies even offer free windshield repair in lieu of replacement due to the cost savings. Repairing is more desirable because it keeps the original factory installation of the windshield. Repairing will also help the environment by preventing the old windshield from being thrown out.

A typical repair will cost $40-60 compared to several times more to get a windshield replaced.

Windshield Replacement Sacramento

The windshield is a vital part of a car’s safety measures (as much as 40-50% of rollover strength of some vehicles) so if repair is not an option you need to get it replaced.

When you are ready to replace your Sacramento windshield be sure to:

  • Contact your car insurance company so you know what your deductible is before contacting a professional.
  • Find out what type of warranty the installer offers on their windshield replacement and get it in writing.
  • Regardless what your insurance company may say (or imply) you have a legal right to choose the windshield replacement professional you want to use.

Windshield & Auto Glass Insurance

Most auto insurance companies are very user-friendly when it comes to windshield concerns.

Our Windshield Repair North Highlands company offers free windshield repair if you have comprehensive (full coverage) insurance on your vehicle.

  • Some insurance companies offer a "glass deductible" that is different/lower than your vehicle deductible.
  • Typically speaking your insurance rates will not increase because of an auto glass claim.
  • Insurance companies typically don't require an insurance adjuster to inspect your vehicle.

Windshield Cracks

Cracks are straight or crooked lines extending across the windshield. Cracks can extend through the front and back of the windshield or just exist on one side of the windshield. Cracks can grow, so they should be repaired as soon as possible.

Starbreaks are long cracks extending from a central point of damage. Starbreaks can grow over time and with continued driving, so they should be repaired as soon as possible.

Bull's eyes are circular cracks and fractures that look similar to a target of concentric circles. These can often be repaired, but probably won't disappear completely. If a large bull's eye is in the driver's line of sight, the windshield often needs to be replaced to ensure proper visibility for driving. Bull's eyes can develop cracks and starbreaks, so they should be repaired, even if they are not in the driver's line of sight.

Chips are usually small indentations in the glass. Chips do not extend completely through the glass.

Specialty Windshield Type Repair in Sacramento

Many specialty features are available for windshields --either through the manufacturer or as aftermarket kits. When repairing or replacing a specialty windshield make sure that you are getting the correct replacement part and/or that the repair will not negatively impact the way the windshield was intended to perform.

Driveaway Time

Driveaway time is the amount of time the adhesive hold in the windshield replacement must be allowed to dry. Although it can take up to 24 hours for the windshield replacement to fully meet its safety standards you can typically drive the vehicle in as little as one hour.

Sacramento Windshield Repair

As one of the Sacramento auto glass experts, we have the lowest prices and the best Sacramento mobile auto glass installers ready to come to you, at your home or office or on the side of the road to repair or replace or repair your windshield. Our Sacramento windshield replacement services can assess whether you need repair or replacement. Many times our Sacramento windshield repair services might be the best option for you or your insurance company. Call us now with any question, a free quote or to make an appointment with one of our auto glass experts. Our trucks and expert Sacramento auto glass installers come to you to repair or replace your auto glass sacramento.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty against leaks, defects and workmanship

Our lifetime warranty ensures complete coverage for you as long as the vehicle remains in your possession. CA auto glass undergoes a unique combination of stress from heat and road debris, so the vehicle glass failure rates here are some of the highest in the Nation. Our lifetime warranty means we'll take care of any glass problems

$10 OFF for In-Shop Service

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Whether it's a ding, chip, bull's-eye, star break, edge crack or any other kind of windshield fracture our auto glass repair specialists at Import & Domestic Auto Glass can probably fix it in about half an hour, depending on the degree of damage. Import & Domestic Auto Glass offers highly competitive rates for Windshield repair and Replacement in Sacramento Area. Bring your vehicle to our auto glass repair shop and receive $10 off your bill.

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